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Are you alone?

No, even if no one is around you are still not alone! And furthermore, in the greater scheme of things, you're not the first person to ask this question, so obviously you're ( Full Answer )
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Why are you alone?

People choose to remain alone for many reasons. They either do not want to make a commitment or they enjoy a solitary existence.
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What can you do when you are alone?

Learning to enjoy alone time makes the difference between being "lonely" and "alone". Here a few suggestions for taking advantage of your "me time":. Read a good book . Writ ( Full Answer )
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What do you do when you are alone?

1. When I'm alone i read novels or magazines or sometimes watch tv or do net surfing... 2. When I'm alone I ponder on a wide variety of old books on any topic that is handy ( ( Full Answer )
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He is alone with you?

Something may be on his mind that doesn't have to do with you. He may have problems with his family or friends and he feels alone and you should try to be there more for him. ( Full Answer )
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Why you are alone?

Because all the people who want me, I don't want, and I can't find the one I want to be with for good
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You are a alone what you do?

If your alnoe at home then do a party call ur friends,go to the park watch a movie, sleep,play on the computer invite ur boyfriend over.if ur alone with a boy then kiss or wat ( Full Answer )
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What to do when your alone?

build a fort throw darts at a Miley Cyrus picture make smores over your stove top sing at the top of your lungs go on MLIA make friends on omegle.
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What to do when you are alone?

What you might do when you are alone is read a book or watch a movie. You could also clean the house, write a story, work on your computer, talk to a friend on the phone, send ( Full Answer )
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Will you be totally alone if you travel alone?

Traveling alone does not mean that you will be totally alone. If you are driving, you will be around other people every time you stop for gas or to eat. If you fly, there wi ( Full Answer )