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What does Aloysius mean in Irish?

Aloysius is "Alabhaois" in Irish. Alabhaois has no meaning it's just a phonetic translation. Aloysius is a Latinized version of Luigi made up by the Catholic Church when the (MORE)
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What miracles did St Aloysius perform?

A: Aloysius Gonzaga, S.J. (1568-1591) was not noted for his miracles,either in life or after his death. A homily written in 1877 refersto a book was printed in 1756, in which (MORE)

What has the author Aloysius Chang written?

Aloysius Chang has written: 'Riben ru xue xu shuo' -- subject(s): Confucian Philosophy, History, Philosophy, Confucian 'Fenlan wen xue shi' -- subject(s): Finnish literatu (MORE)