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How do you check the drainage of the battery if the altanator does work?

TAKE IT TO AUTO ZONE, THEY DO IT FOR FREE Answer you would require a special battery tester you are better off taking it to a garage to be tested check around some places do (MORE)

If my altanator goes out what will a car do?

If your alternator stops working you are powering the vehicle on your battery and your battery is not being charged by your faulty alternator so eventually as the battery drai (MORE)
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Is altan a hacker?

NO. he just calls everyone a hacker. he loves black ops and HAS An xbox account named ANLAM12. Ambrose Holcomb
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When was the band Altan formed?

The Irish folk music band Altan originates from County Donegal in Ireland. The band was formed in the year 1987 by the lead vocalist and her now deceased husband.

What has the author Altan written?

Altan. has written: 'L'Ami pingouin' 'Here Comes Timpa' 'The new day' 'Pimpa in cielo e in mare' -- subject(s): Juvenile fiction, Dogs 'Anni Frolli' 'Colombo' 'G (MORE)

What has the author Carlo Tullio-Altan written?

Carlo Tullio-Altan has written: 'Soggetto, simbolo e valore' -- subject(s): Symbolism, Ethnology, Values, Methodology, Rites and ceremonies 'Antropologia funzionale' -- su (MORE)