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What are good rock and alternative bands?

Black Veil Brides Escape the Fate Bless The Fall 30 Seconds To Mars 3 Doors Down The Academy Is... Aiden Alesana Alkaline Trio The All American Rejects All (MORE)
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What is an alternate pathway in the rock cycle?

one starts at igneous rock and when heat and pressure are applied it turns into metamorphic rock. another is a sedimentary rock goes through melting and becomes magma
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Why is alternative rock music important?

it's very important for the simple reason of its rich history. Alternative rock and its predecessors are what dominated the very essence of American an European culture. It's (MORE)

How has technology influenced alternative rock music?

Technology has affected alternative rock music like it has any other genre: it allows artists to create, edit and produce music from their own computer. Because technology is (MORE)

What is neo-alternative rock?

The term neo means new and alternative rock is a genre of music.  Alternative rock became popular in the 1990's. If there is any type  of neo alternative rock it is either o (MORE)

Is U2 considered an alternative rock band?

U2 was played first by alternative stations. The band crossed-over to the album rock format and to pop stations in the early 1980's. U2 also became a top pop group by 1987, an (MORE)

What is the answer to 20c plus 5 equals 5c plus 65?

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