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What is altiplano?

TheAltiplano meaning "High Plains" in Spanish and they are located in the South American country Bolivia and Chile.
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What plants live in the altiplano?

they farm in the altiplano so they have a lot of crops so look up crops and the third on down will give you the answer
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What forms Mexican altiplano?

It is a triangle-shaped high plain delimited by the Sierra Madre Occidental, Sierra Madre Oriental and Sierra Madre del Sur mountain ranges. It roughly spans 80% of Mexico's l ( Full Answer )
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What is the Italian translation of the Spanish word 'altiplano'?

Altopiano is an Italian equivalent of the Spanish word altiplano. Specifically, the masculine adjective alto can be translated as "high" in English. The masculine noun ( Full Answer )
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What is the climate of altiplano?

You people on here should answer it not me i am looking for theanswer come on.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Altiplano - 2009?

The cast of Altiplano - 2009 includes: Arturo Anacarino Zarate as Orlando Malku Choquehuillca as Malku Behi Djanati Atai as Sami Olivier Gourmet as Max Kian Khalili as Reza So ( Full Answer )