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Does altruism exist?

Yes. One of the greatest recorded acts of altruism was committed by the Persian King Cyrus the Great, a Zoroastrian, who allowed the Jews to return to Judah from their Babylon (MORE)

A sentence for altruism?

  When the leader of the silverback gorrillas, Beatsme, became angry and beat one of the females, Titus stepped in to save the female and paid for it by being brutally bea (MORE)

How does altruism develops?

Altruism develops because human beings have an innate sense of  compassion. That leads to acts of altruism that seem to sometimes  defy logic.
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What is environmental altruism?

Environmental Altruism refers to actions that one takes to remedy environmental issues such as climate change, dependency on fossil fuels, water conservation, etc. without reg (MORE)
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How does altruism works?

Altruism, which is a behavior that benefits the recipient at a cost to the actor, only works between non-kin if it is reciprocal. If altruism is not reciprocal the actor will (MORE)

What is weak altruism?

Weak altruism is a form of altruism which, in terms of evolutionary theory, does not reduce the fitness of the altruist. That is, in politics, a type of altruism which enhance (MORE)