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What are the three component of altruism?

The three components of altruism are  1. Loving others  2. Helping them doing their time of need  3. Making sure that they are appreciated.    AS Mr. Price found out (MORE)

What is the definition of behavioral altruism?

    Behavorial altruism is any action that benefits others. It does not concern intentions as psychological altruism does. When pertaining to animal behavior, biologic (MORE)

A sentence for altruism?

  When the leader of the silverback gorrillas, Beatsme, became angry and beat one of the females, Titus stepped in to save the female and paid for it by being brutally bea (MORE)

How does altruism develops?

Altruism develops because human beings have an innate sense of  compassion. That leads to acts of altruism that seem to sometimes  defy logic.
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What is environmental altruism?

Environmental Altruism refers to actions that one takes to remedy environmental issues such as climate change, dependency on fossil fuels, water conservation, etc. without reg (MORE)