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Where is aluminium found?

Aluminium is Never found in its pure form, It is found together with other elements. The source from which we usually get aluminium is calledbauxite this is a mixture of alumi (MORE)

What is aluminium?

Aluminium is aluminum, a recyclable metal that is lightweight, strong, and conductive. It is inexpensive and will not rust, nor will this natural resource ever run out because (MORE)

How do you make aluminium?

Aluminium could be made given sufficient energy. However it is an abundant element in ores in the earths crust so it is mined and refined. Refining is done through heating t (MORE)

Is aluminium brittle?

In my opinion, YES. Depending on the age of the aluminum and wether the connections were kept tight so heat would not affect it.

Does aluminium rust?

Aluminum will oxidize (a rusting process) which is like rust but unlike iron which contains red oxides will not look red like iron rust .

What can you do with aluminium?

Most of the things you can do with steel, but you need to consider: Aluminum has about one-third the strength of steel when objects of equal weight and design are considered. (MORE)