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Pedro alvares cabral?

That isn't even a question. Please make real questions!! the correct answer is Portuguese explorer
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What did Pedro Alvares Cabral do?

Pedro Alvares Cabral was a Portuguese explorer credited withdiscovering Brazil. He was born in 1467 or 1468 and died in 1520.
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What are facts about Pedro alvares cabral?

He had no miltary experince before he went on his journey He went out of his way to be nice to the native Brazilians He was the first europeian to see Brazil He lived till 1 ( Full Answer )
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Who was Pedro Alvares Cabral?

the guy who discovered brazil. Pedro Cabral is an explorer who was born around 1467 until 1520.
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What was Pedro alvares cabrals childhood?

pedro had a difficult childhood he ran away at age 12 and became a sailor at age 13 went to jail got out and became a famous explorer.
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Was Pedro Alvares Cabral married?

Pedro Alvares Cabral was married. He was married to Isabel de Castro. They had four children too. yes he did to Isabel de Castro
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What religion was Pedro Alvares Cabral?

Christian. As for the sect, I believe he was Catholic, because he held a mass when he claimed Brazil for Portugal.
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What has the author Alvar Aalto written?

Alvar Aalto has written: 'Villa Mairea 1937-1939' 'M obel: die Sammlung Kossdorff' -- subject(s): Bildende Kunst, SEL Library selection 'Synopsis'