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What did Alvin Ailey want?

Alvin Ailey Wanted People to know that dancing is something you just don't do is something you want to have to do and be comited to, he wanted people to relize that you have t (MORE)
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Facts about Alvin ailey?

He was born January 5, 1931, in the Central Texas town of Rogers, in Bell County. He died in New York December 1, 1989, of blood dyscrasia. Alvin was the only child of his 17- (MORE)

Is there a female patron saint for the theater or dance?

  Yes. Actresses have their own patron saint, Saint Pelagia the Penitent. She was a professional dancer. One day she heard a sermon in which a priest described a dancer (MORE)

What is the difference between dance and theater?

The difference between dance and theater is the fact that dancers  usually do not speak any lines and in theater, lines have to be  spoken to let the audience know what is g (MORE)

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