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Where is Amaterasu being remembered?

Japan, of course. But did you know that they made Amaterasu in wolf form into a videogame? It's AWESOME!
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Which is more powerful Amaterasu or Rasenshuriken?

Amaterasu is arguably stronger then Rasenshuriken. Rasenshuriken has shown to be destructive on impact, but dangerous to the user as well. A perfected Rasenshurkien required H (MORE)
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What is amaterasu?

Amaterasu is one of the techniques that comes with Itachi's mangekyou sharingan. It is black flames which cannot be put out (though Sasuke later discovers that he is able to p (MORE)
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What is the Amaterasu?

A justu you can only use if you have the mangekkyou (sp?) sharingan.. in naruto shippuuden later on (****SPOILER****) ******* ******* ******* ******* Sasuke learns how (MORE)
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Who is Amaterasu in Okami?

Amaterasu in Okami is the white wolf that you play as. She is based off of Amaterasu the sun goddess in Japan.
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Where did amaterasu his the 3 sacred things?

This may sounds crazy but 2 out of 3 items I know she'd hid them in the modern world of Singapore. 1. Old Changi Hospital [ Article found by Enemy ] 2. MacRitchie Reservo (MORE)
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What is itachi's amaterasu?

Amaterasu is a one of the three jutsus that a mangekyou sharingan user gets..............all uchiha mangekyou users have 3 attacks mainly that is amaterasu,tsukoyomi & susanoo (MORE)
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How do you get amaterasu?

you get amaterasu by unlocking mangekyo sharingan but after that you have to have to be able to use tskuyomi then you will get amaterasu
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Is Amaterasu the fiery heat God?

Amaterasu is the goddess of the sun, if your asking about god of fire, than it's both, Ho-Masubi and Kagu-Zuchi, and still alternatively, there is a God of Inferno known as Mo (MORE)
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Is there any Amaterasu toys?

Yes, there are plushes of Amaterasu and Chibi Amaterasu (Excuse me if I spelled Chibi wrong, I don't own the game so I don't know the spellings), and I am sure there would be (MORE)