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What is amateur radio?

Amateur radio or ham radio as it is also known is two-way radiotransmissions which are sent by voice, Morse code, or even bycomputers. You need a license to transmit on the am ( Full Answer )
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What is amateur?

The word amateur comes from the Latin "amat" meaning he (or she !) loves. An amateur is a person who does something for the love of it, not because he has to or makes money at ( Full Answer )
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What can an amateur become?

An amateur radio operator is one who can do anything legal with radio communications, but is not paid to do them. Some hams have been very successful at putting up ham radio ( Full Answer )
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How do you define an amateur?

An amateur is a person who performs an activity for pleasure or as a hobby rather than as a means of livelihood. As an adjective, the term "amateur" means relating to activiti ( Full Answer )
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Is amateur a verb?

No, it is not a verb. The word amateur (non-professional) can be a verb or an adjective.
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What is something you can be an amateur at?

The word "amateur" is from the French meaning "lover of". An amateur, by the origin of the word, means to do something for the love of it. Therefore, one may be an amateur cho ( Full Answer )
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What is rookie or amateur?

A rookie or amateur is someone who is a beginner or not a seasonedpro. These terms are used to describe athletes among other things.
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What are amateur radios?

Radio amateurs have passed an exam entitling them to get a license and call sign so they can communicate with each other using radio. They use radio transmitters and receivers ( Full Answer )
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What does amateur mean in amateur radio?

It means radio operations that are done as a hobby, or in the useof public service. Operators cannot (by law) earn money or materialreward in any way, for the use of the radio ( Full Answer )
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What does amateurs mean?

The word comes from the French, which comes from the Latin word"amare" , to love. "Amateurs" are people who do things for the loveof it. It is their hobby; they are not being ( Full Answer )