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Amateur golf status?

Amateur status is defined by the USGA and R and A as simply not a professional golfer. The maximum amount of money an amateur can win is £250 / $500. If an amateur accepts a (MORE)

What is age limit for amateur boxers?

  Boxing Rules regarding age vary all round the world,generally these are the various   limits.   Junior Olympic boxing division:Minimum age 8.Maximum age 16.   B (MORE)
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How much can an amateur golfer can win?

Under the rules of golf and amateur status of the R and A, the maximum an amateur can win is £250. Under the rules of golf and amateur status of the USGA the maximum an amate (MORE)
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Size of amateur boxing ring?

  USA BOXING TECHNICAL RULES     THE RING   The ring shall not be less than 16 nor more than 20 feet square within the ropes; the apron on the ring floor shall (MORE)
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Do amateur golfers have sponsors?

Some of the top amateur have sponsors who help them out, give them clubs, pay for travel, give them clothing and even cars in some cases. But they are not million dollar deals (MORE)

How do you use the corkscrew on amateur surgeon?

Quoting crankthatspiderman95 first you click on the cork screw, then click on the pain reliver gell, next click the mouse curser to the body (i would not do it on any organs), (MORE)