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What does phone mean in amateur radio?

Radiotelephone- that is voice talking ( called Phone for short) . The term , with the advent of cellular phones, which are in a very real sense radiophones- has engendered som (MORE)
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What is the oldest amateur golf trophy?

the strathmont cup, symbolic of the elmira country club championship has been awarded every year since 1898, and we have never been able to find an older one

What is amateur?

The word amateur comes from the Latin "amat" meaning he (or she !) loves. An amateur is a person who does something for the love of it, not because he has to or makes money at (MORE)

Unlock bum amateur surgeon?

  To unlock bum you have to have a total score of at least 1,000,000 points, you can redo past surgeries to get a higher score and make sure you've already completed all t (MORE)

What does PEP stand for in amateur radio?

Peak envelope power (PEP) is the highest envelope power supplied to the antenna transmission line by a transmitter during any full undistorted RF cycle or series of complete (MORE)

What does amateur mean in amateur radio?

It means radio operations that are done as a hobby, or in the use  of public service. Operators cannot (by law) earn money or material  reward in any way, for the use of the (MORE)
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Who is Carrie from broke amateurs?

Carrie is a actress in a series called Broke Amateurs. Where she  plays a broke girl who loves to shop. Her real information has not  made it public.

What does amateurs mean?

The word comes from the French, which comes from the Latin word  "amare" , to love. "Amateurs" are people who do things for the love  of it. It is their hobby; they are not (MORE)