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What was Freddie roach's amateur boxing record?

he won 141 of the 150 amateur bouts he had and fashioning out a 39-13 win-loss record as a pro, 15 via stoppagehe won 141 of the 150 amateur bouts he had and fashioning out a (MORE)

What is amateur?

The word amateur comes from the Latin "amat" meaning he (or she !) loves. An amateur is a person who does something for the love of it, not because he has to or makes money at (MORE)
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Will amateur boxing affect migraine sufferers negatively?

Answer . If you are susceptible to migraine then you have an instability in your neurology. Sharp blows to the neck and head could certainly exacerbate the problem. Some mig (MORE)
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Size of amateur boxing ring?

  USA BOXING TECHNICAL RULES     THE RING   The ring shall not be less than 16 nor more than 20 feet square within the ropes; the apron on the ring floor shall (MORE)
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How many rounds in amateur boxing?

  Bouts comprise four rounds of two minutes in the Olympic and Commonwealth Games, and four rounds of two minutes in a national ABA (Amateur Boxing Association) bout, each (MORE)
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What is a Amateur boxing salary?

  The definition of "amateur" means that you don't get paid. Only "professionals" get paid for boxing.
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