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What does 'amber' mean?

 Amber is a hard, translucent fossil resin, used for making  jewelry and other ornamental objects. I know this from  "Drfinejewels" which is a good site. Really, it provid (MORE)
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Is there green amber?

Yes. The natural green amber comes from the Dominican Republic and Mexico. It is very rare in the Baltic countries, therefore most of the green amber jewelry you find on the m (MORE)

In the tribe does Amber really die?

No, Amber doesn't die, she survived the explosion and was convinced to fake her own death by Ebony. She was found by Pride, whom took her to the Eco tribe, and eventually led (MORE)

What is pressed amber?

  Pressed Amber is made from small pieces and rejects that are melted together under high pressure. It is generally even in color. Smaller pieces of high quality pressed a (MORE)

Can you eat amber?

Amber is a hydrocarbon (C10 H 16 O). It is a complex mixture of several resinous bodies, succinic acid, volatile oil and also contains some amount of hydrogen sulfide (H2S).  (MORE)

What is the Amber alert?

The Amber Alert is an alert that goes out over the radio, television, and on most major freeway billboards when a child is reported missing in any given state. An Amber Alert (MORE)

What are Amber Rose's measurements?

Some sources online say she is 34-24-38... but that is impossible because that would give her a waist to hip ratio of .63... the curviest women in the world have a waist to hi (MORE)
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Is amber a mineral?

Amber is not a mineral but time-hardened fossilized resin of different trees, which grew in forests from 20 to 345 million years ago in different parts of the world. Amber is (MORE)

What is a amber?

Amber is a hard, translucent fossil resin, which is used for making  jewelry and other ornamental objects. I know about this from  "", which is a good site b (MORE)

What is amber for necklaces?

When a baby is teething at that time amber necklace is used towearing instead of chewing. Amber's anti-inflammatory andtherapeutic properties will help to relieve teething pai (MORE)