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What is normative ambiguity?

An inability to distiguish between behaviors determined to be  proper or improper by a society. Normativity refers to behaviors  that are acceptable for a society, such as n (MORE)

What is communication ambiguity?

Communication ambiguity is a barrier to the semantics in any languages where homophones or even words and phrases may same be different in their meaning but sound the same eg (MORE)

What is ambiguity?

Ambiguity means: 1. doubtfulness or uncertainty of meaning or intention; to speak with ambiguity; ambiguity of manner 2. unclear, indefinite, or an equivocal word, expression, (MORE)

What is an ambiguous question?

There is a difference between UNCLEAR and AMBIGUOUS. It isimportant to understand this distinction to understand thisquestion. Something that is UNCLEAR is difficult to unders (MORE)

What is ambiguities?

Ambiguity is a source for confusion where there appears to be duality in meaning in a word spoken with similar sounds( eg: sail and sale ) or words,phrases and sentence struct (MORE)

What is an ambiguous modifier?

A modifier whose place in the sentence can easily confuse the reader.. Ex. I watched him frequently as he walked his dog. Correct way: I frequently watched him as he walked hi (MORE)

What is ambiguous word?

Words in themselves are not ambiguous, but words in a sentence to describe conditions or statements not clear in meaning are ambiguous. This often implies a hidden or private (MORE)