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What is role ambiguity?

Answer . Role Ambiguity - norms for a specific position are vague, unclear and ill-defined. Actors disagree on role expectations, not because there is role conflict but ( Full Answer )
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What is ambiguity?

Ambiguity means: 1. doubtfulness or uncertainty of meaning or intention; to speak with ambiguity; ambiguity of manner 2. unclear, indefinite, or an equivocal word, expression, ( Full Answer )
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What is ambiguities?

Ambiguity is a source for confusion where there appears to be duality in meaning in a word spoken with similar sounds( eg: sail and sale ) or words,phrases and sentence struct ( Full Answer )
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What is moral ambiguities?

Ambiguity is the property of [words], terms, notations and concepts (within a particular context) as being undefined, undefinable, or without an obvious definition and thus ha ( Full Answer )
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What is integer ambiguity?

Integer ambiguity refers to the initial epoch of a continuous tracking in the carrier phase measurement, usually it is denoted as N.
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What is an ambiguous modifier?

A modifier whose place in the sentence can easily confuse the reader.. Ex. I watched him frequently as he walked his dog. Correct way: I frequently watched him as he walked hi ( Full Answer )
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What is ambiguous theme?

An ambiguous theme would be a theme that could be interpreted inmore than one way.
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What is communication ambiguity?

Communication ambiguity is a barrier to the semantics in any languages where homophones or even words and phrases may same be different in their meaning but sound the same eg ( Full Answer )
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Who uses ambiguity?

Literary writers,dramatists,poets and comedians exploit ambiguity in their writings and speech to obfuscate, criticize and ridicule for comic effect and as source of pun.
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What is ambiguous response?

An ambiguous response contains a message with more than one meaning. The words are highly abstract or have meanings private to the speaker alone. Example: Speaker A: "Ho ( Full Answer )