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What does ambivalence mean?

Uncertainty or fluctuation caused by difficulty in decision between  two conflicting or mutually exclusive, but similarly desirable,  outcomes   It means you have opposi (MORE)

What is the definition of ambivalent?

  Ambivalence is a state of having emotions of both positive and negative valence or of having thoughts or actions in contradiction with each other. for example, if you (MORE)

What is ambivalence in psychology?

ambivalence in psychology is the state of feeling as though you have no inclination in either direction about an issue involving emotions. you are unaffected by the issue due (MORE)

How do you use ambivalent?

Ambivalent simply: having mixed-feelings about someone or something. It is used when something is very complex and you cannot decide on a certain stance. For example: I have a (MORE)
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Ambivalence as a noun?

The noun 'ambivalence is a common, uncountable, abstract noun; a  word for the state of having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas.
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How do you spell ambivalate?

AMBIVALENT - wavering, undecided "He has ambivalent feelings about legalized immigration." NOTE - There is no such verb as ambivalate, meaning "to waffle" but it has been seen (MORE)
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How can ambivalence simulated?

Ambivalence is a feeling of not caring about anything in one certain way. It can cause procrastination. It can also be called the "cold feet "syndrome.
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