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What are characteristics of moderate amblyopia?

  Amblyopia generally develops before the age of six and can best be treated if caught early.   The most common symptoms are squinting, closing one eye, headaches, eye (MORE)
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What is amblyopia?

Amblyopia is also known as lazy eye, it is an eye disorder made by an impaired vision in an eye that otherwise appears normal. It is estimated to affect 1-5% of the population (MORE)
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Is amblyopia considered a disability?

well There is not much study on whether amblyopia cause disabilty.people with amblyopia can expect to do as well as their peers with normal vision in both eyes in terms of edu (MORE)
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Is it necessary to dialate the eyes to get an accurate prescription for a child who has refractive amblyopia?

Often yes. Dialating the eyes will give the Optometrist a more accurate idea of the prescription.. As you can imagine, some children do not want to wear glasses because they (MORE)
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What is the difference of amblyopia and strabismus?

Amblyopia is commonly referred to as "lazy eye." It is a vision development disorder, where one eye fails to develop normal visual acuity. Eye patching is a common treatment f (MORE)