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What is an Ambo?

In the Catholic church, an ambo is the podium or lectern from which the readings and gospel are read during Mass.
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How do you translate in English 'y a padecer de todos vengo' pues ambos atormentan mi sentido' aquéste con pedir lo que no tengo' y aquél con no tener lo que le pido'?

and to suffering from all, I come ' since both torment my sense ' this one in spite of asking for what I do not have ' and that one in spite of not having what I ask him for. ( Full Answer )
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What is ambos seafoods?

Ambos Seafoods is a whole sale seafood company based in Savannah, Georgia providing shrimp, fish and other shellfish. They offer domestic, imported, wild or farmed products.
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Is there an English translation of the aria 'Ambo nati in questa valle' by Donizetti?

Yes , there is an English translation of the aria Ambo nati in questa valle . Specifically, the aria is in the opera Linda di Chamonix by Domenico Gaetano Maria Donizetti ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Kai Ambos written?

Kai Ambos has written: 'Impunidad y Derecho Penal Internacional' 'Terrorismo y ley' -- subject(s): Terrorism 'The Colombian peace process and the principle of complement ( Full Answer )
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Buod ng ambahan ni ambo?

Impeng Negro. Ni: Rogelio R. Sikat Tauhan Impen- 16 taong gulang, maitim ang kulay ng balat, may mga kapatid sa ibang ama, isang agwador o taga-igib ng tubig Ina ni Impen- ( Full Answer )