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What are the Rules of ambrose golf?

It seems that there are no "Official" rules of play for an Ambrose Event, also called a "Scramble". Mostly, the event is played thus. The event is played with a set number of (MORE)
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What is the handicap system in ambrose golf?

  "Ambrose Golf" is another name for a scramble, but one in which a team handicap is used. The Ambrose format is very popular as it allows all levels of golfers to mix an (MORE)

Who is Merle Ambrose?

He is the 100 year old Headmaster at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts! He is the maternal grandfather of Ethan & Angel Hawk. He is the great-grandfather of James, Justin, (MORE)
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Does dean ambrose have a girlfriend?

i think he may be seeing renee young. i can't confirm this or not  yet. at least not until one of them says so.
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Who was Ambrose Pare?

Ambrose Pare was a barber surgeon who practiced medicine out in Italy during a french war. He not only practiced regular surgeries, but also revolutionized surgery. When he ra (MORE)

What is the origin of the golf terms 'ambrose' and 'stableford'?

 Answer   The Ambrose system was named by the secretary manager of the Victor Harbour Golf Club South Australia in honor of Richard and Mary Ambrose from Michigan,USA, (MORE)

Why was Saint Ambrose canonized?

St. Ambrose (339-397) was the bishop of the Italian city of Milan. He was the outstanding leader, preacher, and author in the Western part of the Christian Church during the 4 (MORE)