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What are the Rules of ambrose golf?

It seems that there are no "Official" rules of play for an Ambrose Event, also called a "Scramble". Mostly, the event is played thus. The event is played with a set number of (MORE)
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Who is Ambrose Hui?

An Idol star of Taiwan.    Name: 許紹洋 / Xu Shao Yang  English name: Ambrose Hsu  Also known as: An  Profession: Actor, model and singer  Birthdate: 1976-Oct-17 (MORE)
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Who was Ambrose Pare?

Ambrose Pare was a barber surgeon who practiced medicine out in Italy during a french war. He not only practiced regular surgeries, but also revolutionized surgery. When he ra (MORE)

Who is Merle Ambrose?

He is the 100 year old Headmaster at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts! He is the maternal grandfather of Ethan & Angel Hawk. He is the great-grandfather of James, Justin, (MORE)

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How old is Stephen Ambrose?

Stephen Ambrose was born on January 10, 1936 and died on October 13, 2002. Stephen Ambrose would have been 66 years old at the time of death or 79 years old today.
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What did Ambrose Pare do?

Amboise pare was royal doctor to king charles. he also descovered that blood around the body .