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Did Vince Gill play with Ambrosia?

Yes he did, as a madder fact they were best friends in the younger days.
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What is nectar and ambrosia?

Nectar is the drink and ambrosia is the food of the Greek gods. If a mortal got a hold of it, it made them immortal. Or, in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, it woul (MORE)

What kind of meat does Ambrosia plus mimic?

"Ambrosia Plus" is the most popular synthetic food product from Triplanetary Foods in Arthur C. Clarke's short story "Food of the Gods". In court, a food scientist discusses t (MORE)

What is the original word for ambrosia?

ANSWER Ambrosia. It is a single word. Unchangeable. Ambrosia was the Greek and Roman gods' food. It is believed to be curds and whey. Back then Kings and God's were supposedly (MORE)

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Does Ragweed also known as Ambrosia grow in South Africa?

Perhaps the question should have been ..could it grow in South Africa? It is indeed possible that ragweed could grow in South Africa if someone brought it into the country eit (MORE)