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What are Ambrosia apples?

The Ambrosia is a cultivar of apple invented in British Columbia, Canada during the 1990s. Its skin tends to have a red color, with patches of yellow. The meat of its fruit ha (MORE)

What is the ambrosia of immortality?

Ambrosia in Homer is the food of the Greek gods, but in Sappho or Alcman it is their drink. The word is the feminine form of the adjective ambrosios , which means not-for-mor (MORE)

What does ambrosia do on ikariam?

Ambroisia is the Premium money of the Gameforge game "Ikariam". Buying Ambroisia allows you to buy Premium Features : - Ikariam Plus (10) : allows you to use chain buildi (MORE)

What is nectar and ambrosia?

Nectar is the drink and ambrosia is the food of the Greek gods. If a mortal got a hold of it, it made them immortal. Or, in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, it woul (MORE)