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What is an 'ambush interview'?

  In an ambush interview the interviewer or reporter may use hidden cameras or one-way mirrors to catch the subject off-guard. In this way, they might catch the person in (MORE)

Ambush in a sentence?

The three journalists were killed by terrorists in an ambush.   ambush = a sudden attack, often by people who're hiding and waiting to attack their victim
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Ambushed in a sentence?

Ambushed means attacked suddenly without warning. An example of a  sentence using ambushed is: When the celebrity walked out of his  house, he was ambushed by reporters shov (MORE)

What is an artillery ambush?

Most simply put, it is where an artillery unit has aimed their weapons at a specific area in anticipation of the enemy travelling through it. When the enemy passes through tha (MORE)

What is the theme of ambush?

Lying is not an easy thing to do, especially if it is to a young child, but it is a good thing to not let the child know about the misery in this world. It would be easier if (MORE)

What is ambush crime?

I'm unfamiliar with the expression, but it obviously describes an offense that takes the victim totally by surprise and shock.
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