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What are amendments to the Constitution?

Changes to the Constitution Changes or additions made to the  original document are called amendments. The first ten amendments  are known as the Bill of Rights.   The C (MORE)

How is the constitution be amended?

Article V of the Constitution provides two methods to propose amendments and two methods for ratification. Constitutional amendment proposals in method one are by joint resolu (MORE)

What are the four methods Article V allows to amend the Constitution?

The Constitution spells out four paths for an amendment:   Proposal by convention of states, ratification by state conventions (never used)  Proposal by convention of stat (MORE)

How do you amend the constitution?

Two thirds of a state have to vote, or two thirds of each house has to vote.
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Who can amend the Constitution?

There are two entities that can amend the Constitution: Constitutional Amendments are typically a joint venture between Congress and the states. Either the House of Represent (MORE)
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How can you amend the constitution?

The Amendment process is the formal way to change the Constitution. An amendment may be proposed by two-thirds vote of both houses of Congress or by a convention called by Con (MORE)

What provision inthe Constitution is not subject to amendment through Article V?

According to Article V, two provisions, one which has expired, the other still in effect may not be amended. The first was importation of slaves the prohibition of which was f (MORE)