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What are wayside amenities?

amenities means 'comfort' so way side amenities means a place or a type of construction where traveller or tourist used to take rest or full fill their necessity . way side am (MORE)

What are tourism amenities?

Tourism amenities are structures and facilities that are put in  place so as to accommodate tourists. They are elements which will  bring comfort and convenience to the tour (MORE)

Where did Amen come from?

It is said in the Bible numerous times. Answer: Regarding the etymology, Amen is a derivative from the Hebrew verb aman "to strengthen" or "Confirm".
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What is a amenity?

  An amenity is a special "little extra" a business does to attract and keep customers. The customers usually do not pay extra for these things or the fee is very minimal. (MORE)

What is amenities in tourism?

  Amenities are structures that need to be built to cater for tourists.   Eg-Hotels, banks, post offices, shops, care hire. Stuff like that.   Amenities are structur (MORE)