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Who was the oldest member of the Grateful Dead?

Phil Lesh, the Bass player For The Grateful Dead is the oldest member of the Grateful Dead. Born in 1940, he is now 72 and still performing. At this time (2012) He and Bob Wei (MORE)

Which grateful dead song is reggae?

In response to the answer that was up here. Iko Iko would be more accurately classified as a cross between Calypso and Zydeco. The Grateful Dead never really had any songs tha (MORE)

What was the best Grateful Dead show?

The Best of The Grateful Dead The following performances are considered classics: 1. May 8, 1977 at Cornell Univ. 2. 1972-08-27 at the Old Renaissance Faire Grounds 3 (MORE)

What is the Original Name of The Grateful Dead?

  The Grateful Dead were originally called The Warlocks before they changed their name to The Grateful Dead in 1965.   The Grateful Dead were originally called The Warl (MORE)

What is the best selling Grateful Dead album?

"Skeletons In The Closet" has gone triple platinum, but as it's a greatest hits collection it can't be considered an official album. Both "American Beauty" and "In the Dark" a (MORE)

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