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What civil rights movements did Gandhi do?

  He stopped Hindu's from having to use ID cards and Passes, Got Great Brittan to leave India, stopped Hindu's and Muslim's from fighting even though he didn't want Pakist (MORE)

Who created the civil rights movements?

To consider the 'Civil Rights Movement' as something which was  created by a particular person is wrong. It is more so the case  that a group of people (African Americans) f (MORE)

Who led the civil rights movement?

it was led by civil rights leaders but the main leader was Martin Luther King.
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What was the outcome of the Civil Rights Movement?

As a result to the Civil Rights Movement African Americans are now as equal as whites. Answer That's what they would have Americans believe and although African Americans ha (MORE)

Result of the civil-right movement?

The civil rights made it so we could get more freedom in the united  states during slavery and Segregation. Like the 14th amendment.   The Civil rights movement also meant (MORE)

Was the civil rights movement successful?

  * No  * Non-violent protest led to very rapid change in the USA including voting, educational, economic and social rights for blacks. The main reason for the success wa (MORE)

What did the civil right movement result in?

the civil rights movement resulted in african americans being equal to white people. african americans got the right to vote and equal job oppurtunities. they also got adequat (MORE)