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Who created the civil rights movements?

To consider the 'Civil Rights Movement' as something which was  created by a particular person is wrong. It is more so the case  that a group of people (African Americans) f (MORE)

How did Americans and American society react to the civil rights movement?

The reaction of mainstream society changed over time and was very different in different regions. Many conservative Americans were shocked by the Civil Rights movement and fel (MORE)

Result of the civil-right movement?

The civil rights made it so we could get more freedom in the united  states during slavery and Segregation. Like the 14th amendment.   The Civil rights movement also meant (MORE)

Was the civil rights movement successful?

  * No  * Non-violent protest led to very rapid change in the USA including voting, educational, economic and social rights for blacks. The main reason for the success wa (MORE)

Native American civil rights movement?

The Native American civil rights movements sought equal treatment  and basic civil rights for Native Americans. In 1968 the Indian  Civil Rights Act was passed and it grante (MORE)

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