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Reason of American Civil War?

There are three reasons that explain why the American Civil War started: 1) state's rights - the south felt like they weren't treated equally 2) sectionalism - favoring one (MORE)

American Civil War dates?

The war itself started in April 12, 1861 with the firing on Fort Sumter. The first major land battle happened in July 21, 1861 at Bull Run. The bloodiest single day battle (MORE)

Americans in the Spanish Civil War?

Yes, two battalions named after George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, of American volunteers, and part of a brigade of volunteers from other countries. Some of these men were (MORE)

Why was the American Civil War inevitable?

Most people believe it was because some people wanted to keep slaves and others wanted to emancipate them, but that is not entirely right. Research shows that Lincoln said " (MORE)

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What was an American Civil War battle?

Most likely the most famous battle of the war was Gettysburg, PA,  from July 1-3, 1863. There, the USA under George Meade's Army of  the Potomac decisively defeated Lee's Ar (MORE)

Is American civil war capitalized?

Yes, either as US Civil War or American Civil War. The term "civil  war" is not capitalized when it refers to an unnamed conflict or  potential conflict.
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