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Is the council of basic and technical education ludhiana fake?

YES,the council of basic &technical education is valid recognisations of this boards are---------- 1.registered in MHRD2 registered in planning commmission3. registered in p (MORE)

About delhi academic council for higher education?

Yes Delhi academy for Seconday Education higher secondary education is good and very excellent for the candidates who requires to continue their studies without break and ful (MORE)
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What did the orders in council require American ships to do?

They required the American Ships to revert to old style boats and turn their ships around from Britain. This was issued by Queen Linthee and had angered many American sailors (MORE)

Is rashtriya council of school education a Valid council?

No its not a valid council, they are not even registeres board,  they are just doing fake business by distributing fake certificates  and playing with students careeer, so i (MORE)

Is council of secondary education board mohali is fake?

Excellent chance to achieve career-related work expertise through CSE Mohali Council of Secondary Education Mohali offers extremely competitive office program for brand new (MORE)