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Who is the in American football?

The teams are: new England patriots, buffalo bills, New York jets, New York giants, philadelphia eagles, Pittsburgh steelers, Baltimore ravens, Washington (DC) redskins, Carol (MORE)
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What is American football?

a competitive team sport known for mixing strategy with physical play. American football, known in the United States and Canada simply as football, is a competitive team sport (MORE)
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When do you kick the football in American Football?

The ball must be kicked after each score and to start each half (and overtime). PATs (point after touchdown) are mandatory if no 2-point conversion rule is in place. All other (MORE)

Why is American football called football?

Although what Americans call "soccer" and the rest of the world calls "football" consists of almost all players using their feet to play the game, Americans decided to use the (MORE)

American football teams?

There are a total of 32 American professional football teams. They  are separated into conferences and divisions. For example, the New  York Giants are in the National Footb (MORE)

Why do Americans call American football football when it is an English sport?

There are a number of forms of football which share common origins.  American Football is one of a group of modern football games  codified in the 19th century. The other mo (MORE)
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Who came up with American football?

North American football is derived from the game of rugby, which was an offshoot of the game known in Canada and the US as "soccer," and in the rest of the world as football. (MORE)

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