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What religion is the klickitat Indians?

"The Klickitat Indians believed in an almighty who had created the land for their use, providing it with fish, roots, and berrie for their food. They believed in an afterlife (MORE)

What was the Delaware Indian tribe's religion?

The Delaware Indian tribe would follow multiple religions,  depending on the area, and the people that were practicing. They  would practice Christianity, Native American Ch (MORE)

Is Hindu and Indian the same religion?

No .. Hinduism is a religion ... Indian is a nationality ... The followers of Hinduism are called Hindus ... The citizens of India are called Indians There are many many India (MORE)

What are South Africa's main religions?

Christianity is the most populous religion in South Africa, coming  in at approximately 74% of the population. 16% have no religious  affiliation. And the other 10% consists (MORE)

What are the religions of the Mojave Indians?

The Mohave believed in their creator Mutavilya, who gave them their names and their commandments, and in his son Mastamho, who gave them the river and taught them how to plant (MORE)

What are the Shoshone Indians' religion?

Answer   The Shoshone tribe's traditional religion is the Shoshone Ghost Dance Religion. Shoshone Ghost Dance Religion demonstrates that it was not a single religion, bu (MORE)

What is the main religion of South America?

The main religion of the American South is clearly Christianity, of various denominations. The Protestant denominations taken together are clearly a majority in both the South (MORE)

What are American religions?

The native Americans followed nature worship as is seen from the present day. Nothing appears to have been written about their religion as they are regarded as primitive tribe (MORE)