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Who are the Americans?

North, Central and South America are between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean and topped off and bottomed off by North Pole and South Pole. In conversation though, "Am (MORE)

Is the company General Motors American?

Yes. General Motors Corporation, commonly known as GM, is a North American multinational corporation headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. General Motors acts in most countrie (MORE)

Is a regulator a motor or a part of a motor?

A regulator is a part needed for the motor. It regulates electrical power from one place to another. Answer 2 A regulator is usually the part that regulates the electrical o (MORE)

What is Americanism?

Americanism is ones loyalty to the United States of America and being proud of the countries cultural values and institutions; to a person who is a serious Americanism partici (MORE)

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What is Americanization?

Americanisation is the term used to describe how American culture is dominating the world, putting third world cultures in danger of extinction. All of America's leading brand (MORE)

What is an Americanism?

An expression that would be typically used by an American. Usually in contrast to an equivalent term by another English speaker. For example, where an American would say, "I'd (MORE)

Types of motors?

hair dryer, cars ,lawnmower ,generator ,computer ,pool ,cleaner ,tv  ,plane ,cell phone ,fans ,heaters ,remote contrl car ,boat    For DC:   Permanent magnet brush (MORE)