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What is a philosopher?

A philosopher is a person who seeks answers to the questions of life. This person uses their intellect, their personal experience, and their spiritual/emotional body to step i (MORE)

The philosophers of the enlightenment hoped to improve human society by what?

I think it is pretty much summed up in the phrase: Sapere aude! It's latin and sort of translates into "dare to be wise!" And just like Kant's categorical imperative it is th (MORE)

What Are the Philosophical and Historical Foundations of the American Political System?

America's political system is quite unique, exuding balance and a separation of powers, endowed with checks and balances. It is a more evolved political system, able to thwart (MORE)

Who believed that in an ideal society the government should be controlled by philosopher kings?

A philosopher can rarely be made into a king but a king can certainly be made into a philosopher, thereby making him a good king. This was the central idea discussed in Plato' (MORE)

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