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What is the economic incentive system?

a system of measures that uses material means to motivate participants in production to work for the creation of the social product. The nature, form, and methods of economic (MORE)

Which economic system suitable for Bangladesh and why?

Mixed Economics system is best for Bangladesh. Why? In a mixed economy, the free market still has competition to improve the product as well as set prices, while the governme (MORE)

What is the economic structure of the Native Americans?

The Economic Structure of the Native Americans were the trading of food, weapons, Traveling Items Routs, and the trading of jewelry. After the Europeans has settle with the Na (MORE)

Which is an example of a mixed economic system?

It could be whatever economy within the European Union (UK, Spain, France...), that combines a capitalist system with a welfare state whereby individuals receive certain goods (MORE)
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What were the economic causes of the American Revolution?

There were a number of economic causes of the American Revolution.  Here is a summation of the main ones:   * Colonial industrialists and merchants were hurt by the Briti (MORE)