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Can amiodarone and Viagra be taken together?

This is classified as a moderate interaction. You need to have your doctor monitor this. The amiodarone can cause in increase in the levels of Viagra in your body. Your doctor (MORE)

Can alcohol affect amiodarone?

1. People with cardiac arrhythmia should not drink alcohol except with express permission of their cardiologist. #2. Low-dose amiodarone has been reported to cause pseudo-alc (MORE)
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How do you give iv amiodarone as iv push?

Amiodarone (Cordarone) IV administration varies depending on the orders prescribed by the patient's doctor. A common initial pre-hospital dose in North Carolina, USA is listed (MORE)

Why does amiodarone interact with Fentanyl?

Scientists don't yet know why. The original research was done on patients taking oral amiodarone to control abnormal heart rythms who subsequently received a fentanyl infusion (MORE)

Is Amiodarone a medication?

Yes, it treats heart arrhythmias in patients who have already usedother antiarrhythmic medicines but did not get the desiredimprovement.
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