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Amoco stock prices 1982?

NYSE Composite Transactions ( stock prices) for any business day can be downloaded from the Wall St. Journal archive site for a fee and registration. The fee depends on the ar ( Full Answer )
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Does BP Amoco gasoline contain ethanol?

The only way to tell whether ethanol is present in gasoline is to look at the gasoline pump. If it contains ethanol, there should be a large sticker on it stating what percent ( Full Answer )
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How many creatures died because of the Amoco Cadiz?

this is what ive found very briefly. it dose not represent all dead animals but gives a good outline . Diving birds constituted the majority of the nearly 20,000 dead birds ( Full Answer )
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What was amoco share price on November 1985?

On November 1, 1985 a share price of Amoco stock was 51.75 dollars.On November 29, 1985 it was 52.38. These are both closing prices.
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Symbol standard oil amoco Indiana?

\nStandard Oil of Indiana, which became the American Oil Company, is now part of BP.\n. \nI am reading the Wikipedia page on Amoco, and they seem to be a great innovator in p ( Full Answer )
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What is the ticker symbol for AMOCO?

AMOCO became part of BP (formerly known as British Petroleum) when they merged in 1998. Its ticker symbol was AN prior to the merger. BP continues to market products under the ( Full Answer )
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What does Amoco oil have to do with BP?

Amoco is a brand owned by BP. BP bought Amoco Corporation in 1998. The merged company was known as "BP Amoco" until 2001, then changed its name to BP p.l.c. The letters BP ( Full Answer )
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When did British Petroleum purchase Amoco?

In August 1998 British Petroleum purchased Amoco for $57 billion, and British Petroleum renamed itself BP Amoco. On December 31, 1998, Browne's title became group CEO.
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When did the company BP merge with the company Amoco?

According to the official BP website, the company BP merged with the company Amoco on 1998. According to the New York Times, the BP bought the site for 48.2 billion dollars.