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What is an amoeba?

An amoeba is a unicellular, genderless organism that belongs to theProtista kingdom & can reproduce through asexual reproduction. Amoeba are the unicellular, microscopic organ (MORE)
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What does an amoeba do?

Answer . An amoeba is a shapeless blob of jelly that engulfs random objects on its way to know where in particular. Amoeba move by using their pseudopodium which is a "fals (MORE)
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What is an amoeba eaten by?

by frogs or other pond living creatures in the area, it all depends on the habitat
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How can you find amoeba?

There is no difference. Amoebas reproduce by cell division. This person is right. The Amoeba goes through mitosis. Which means they multiply there selves. (They make anot (MORE)
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How do amoeba excreet?

an amoeba excretes through its contractile vacuoles. all the material to be excreted is brought to the contractile vacuole and from there its pumped out of the organism
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How an amoeba respirate?

I believe you mean, "respire"? Because amoebas are so small, they don't need a oxygen transportation system like larger organisms. They can simply respire through diffusion (MORE)
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Can an amoeba reproduce?

Yes an AMEBA (you spelled it wrong) can reproduce. It splits into two halfs and after it splits in two the parent is no longer in existence. An ameba reproduces every ten to t (MORE)
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Do amoebas poop?

Actually, yes they do! Any living organism, including one celled organisms, have a mechanism for getting rid of waste. If you look at a living amoeba under a microscope, every (MORE)
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How can you get the amoeba?

The time-honored way to study protists, as they are now called is to take a sample of water from a local pond or lake that does have wildlife- grow a so-called hay infusion an (MORE)