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What does Ego Amor Vos mean?

These are the Latin words for "I", "love" and "you", but they don't go together to mean "I love you" because amor is a noun, not a verb. In addition, vos is the plural form of (MORE)

Is amore Latin or Italian?

«Amore» is an Italian word. It means «Love». It was Latin in the distant past. Now it is not anymore. The current Latin word which translates into «Love» is «Amor». If (MORE)

What does the prefix in the word amoral mean?

The prefix a- means NOT. In the word amoral it means the opposite  of moral.
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J'tiem mon amore?

Best guess: I like my love? If this is meant to be French, then I would say it means "I love you, my darling". Also, it would be spelt more like "Je t'aime, mon amour".
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Tu es mi amor?

It means "you are my love", but if you are expressing this, it is probably in a familiar or intimate situation. This would be "Eres mi amor". The "tú" can be added, but is no (MORE)

What does Amor De Conde mean?

Literally, "Love of Earl" (Earl being the Nobleman's rank like Lord, Lady etc etc) I believe it is related to the Dracula novels.
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How do you make POLVO DE AMOR?

POLVO DE AMOR is a popular dessert in Puerto Rico. It is basically a sweet coconut crisp. You need one dry coconut and a pound of sugar. 1. Open coconut and scoop out fles (MORE)

What does amorous mean?

  Showing a feeling for love especially in the sexual sense. e.g He had drunk a few beers and was feeling amorous. Where were the girls?
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What does the word amorous mean?

The word amorous is defined as having or showing feelings of a sexual nature. When a person is said to be feeling amorous, they are in a strong mood to participate in activiti (MORE)