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Is a sociopath amoral?

A sociopath has no conscience and no sense of guilt. Their key attitude is, "I do what I can get away with" - not just occasionally but as a matter of routine.
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What is amoral calculators?

An amoral calculator is a member of a society who seeks to move around rules in a specific, or calculated, manner, in order to avoid breaking the rules for his or her own pers (MORE)

What does sol amor mean?

This is a poetic term of endearment without a direct translation. It is what one mate would call another to show their love. Sol Amor literally means "Sun Love" but it is simi (MORE)

What does amorous mean?

  Showing a feeling for love especially in the sexual sense. e.g He had drunk a few beers and was feeling amorous. Where were the girls?
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Can music be amoral?

Answer   Really that is a personal opinion in which no one can really answer that for you. Your personal opinions are based on Society which tend to shape one's belief o (MORE)

What rhymes with amor?

Clamor. Stammer? Hammer? (depends how you pronounce 'amor', which is not a common English word)
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Is amore a legal scrabble word?

Not unless you are playing a Scrabble game that allows foreign words. (Amore is French.) If you are competing in an English language Scrabble tournament, you will not be able (MORE)