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Which is efficient amorphous or crystalline solar cell?

As of 2007,   * commercial amorphous Si solar cells convert about 8% of the solar energy that strikes them into electrical energy.  * multicrystalline Si solar cells co (MORE)
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How do crystalline and solids differ from amorphous solids?

Crystalline solids have particles which are arranged in a regular  pattern. The particles of amorphous solids are not arranged in  regular pattern.
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Is candle wax an example of amorphous?

Yes, because wax is a super cooled liquid. Its molecules are arrange in a random manner, just like a liquid. So wax is amorphous because if you heat it and drip it onto your h (MORE)

What is an amorphous thermoplastic?

  Amorphous = without form; without its own form; can apply to any substance that can be easily molded into various shapes. Thermoplastic = synthetic substance that can (MORE)

Does an amorphous solid have a definite volume and shape?

  Yes. But this type of solid does not hold its shape for an indefinite period. Glass is an example that is so often given for an amorphous solid. If it is used in an appl (MORE)

What causes Amorphous sediment in urine?

Amorphous sediment in urine are things like crystal phosphates,  uric acid stones or calcium stones that are found in the urine.  Certain amorphous sediment found in urine i (MORE)

What are crystalline and amorphous substances?

Crystalline and Amorphous are two forms of Carbon. Crystalline is the form in which most of the substances consists of crystals or so. Examples are: Diamond, Graphite and Full (MORE)
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What does it mean when Amorphous sediment is found in your urine?

What it could mean when amorphous sediment is found in urine is  that the temperature of the urine may have been out of range at the  time of the test. It could also mean th (MORE)
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How are particles in amorphous solids arranged?

Particles in amorphous solids were arranged in a noncrystalline  manner with no long-range order. Even amorphous solids have some  short range order.
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