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What was David Niven known for?

David Niven was born in 1910 and died in 1983. He was an English Actor and Novelist. He was born in London but as well as being known in Europe he was known in the U.S.  He w (MORE)

What was the occupation for Amos?

He was a sheep raiser... (Amos 1:1) (Amos 1:1) ". . .A′mos, who happened to be among the sheep raisers from Te‧ko′a, . . ." He worked seasonally as a nipper of sycamo (MORE)

Who is amos?

Amos was a sheep breeder (shepherd) who had probably owned land at one time. Amos lived in Tekoa, which is about ten miles south of Jerusalem. Even though Amos was from Judah, (MORE)

What are facts about Amos?

Ten facts about Amos  1.His name means 'carrying a load'  2 He was a Shepard  3 He was born in Tekoa, 10 miles south of Jerusalem  4 He worked seasonally as a nipper of sy (MORE)

What did Amos do in The Bible?

Amos was a prophet and writer of the book of Amos in the Bible, who lived in the ninth century BCE and prophesied sometime between 829 to about 804 BCE(Amos 7:14). After the s (MORE)

Was David Niven ever knighted?

I believe David Niven was knighted in the 1970s, but am not positive. He wrote two books, "The Moon is a Balloon" and "Bring on the Empty Horses," that are typical of his very (MORE)

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