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How do you measure amperage?

The easiest method today is by using a clamp meter. It "clamps" around a single conductor and measures the magnetic field (you can't get a reading by clamping around a regular (MORE)

What is the formula to get amperage?

The formula for amperage is: I = V / R I = amperage, V = voltage, and R = resistance. Also amperage can be found by using the following formulas. I = P / V , Amps = W (MORE)

What is amperage and voltage?

Amperage is the measure of electrical current, which is the measure of the electron flow through something (like a wire). The more electrons that flow through the wire, the h (MORE)

What is circuit amperage?

Generally speaking an appliance (eg tv) is supplied with power so when it is off it has voltage supplied. After yo turn it on it starts to draw power called amperage the volta (MORE)

Who invented amperage?

By inventing something one creates something that wasn't and creates something that is. Amperage was always there, and various people characterized what was meant by current a (MORE)
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How is amperage measured?

The question should be, "How should electrical current measured?" Current is measured in Amperes using an Ammeter placed in series with the conductor of the current. This is i (MORE)
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What is amperage in sound?

"Amperage" refers to electrical current, which is the rate at which electrical charge flows through a conductor. Sound is a rapid variation in air pressure, which has nothing (MORE)