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What is the amperage rating for Rh wires?

The ampere rating of wire would depend on the diameter, length and usage of wire for specific purpose. Without additional input to the question. it will be hard to give an acc (MORE)

What is the difference between amperage and voltage?

Amperage, or current, is a measure of the amount of electrons  moving in a circuit.   Voltage is a measure of how much force those electrons are under.   In a circuit (MORE)

How do you measure amperage?

The easiest method today is by using a clamp meter. It "clamps" around a single conductor and measures the magnetic field (you can't get a reading by clamping around a regula (MORE)

How do you measure amperage across fuse?

Technically, you don't measure amperage ACROSS a fuse, you measure current THROUGH a fuse, and the units of measure are amperage. If you want to measure the current though a f (MORE)

What is the amperage of a t2l 250v fuse?

The amperage of a T2L 250v fuse is typically 8 amps. It is a  misconception that it has an amperage of 3.
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What is the difference between voltage and amperage?

Voltage is the "pressure" of electricity, whereas amperage (current) is the "flow" of electricity. Voltage can be present without amperage (at a switch in the off position), b (MORE)
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How many watts are in an amperage?

  A strange question, but there is a calculator which could help you.   Scroll down to related links and look at "Electricity and Electric Charge - Electrical voltage V (MORE)

Who invented amperage?

By inventing something one creates something that wasn't and creates something that is. Amperage was always there, and various people characterized what was meant by current a (MORE)

What is normal house current amperage?

A typical small house supply is rated at 60 amps in Europe. In new home construction in North America the average home has a 200 amp 42 circuit distribution panel installed. (MORE)