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How do you measure amperage?

The easiest method today is by using a clamp meter. It "clamps" around a single conductor and measures the magnetic field (you can't get a reading by clamping around a regula (MORE)

What is the standard amperage coming into a home?

  Answer   Hi, It really depends on when your home was built and whether or not you have an older home that had an upgrade at one time or another. For older home (MORE)

What is the formula to get amperage?

The formula for amperage is: I = V / R I = amperage, V = voltage, and R = resistance. Also amperage can be found by using the following formulas. I = P / V, Amps = Watts/Volt (MORE)

Who invented amperage?

By inventing something one creates something that wasn't and creates something that is. Amperage was always there, and various people characterized what was meant by current a (MORE)
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How is amperage measured?

The question should be, "How should electrical current measured?" Current is measured in Amperes using an Ammeter placed in series with the conductor of the current. This is i (MORE)

What is the standard amperage for c batteries?

That will depend on a few things. The current output of the battery will depend on the operating voltage of the battery and the load resistance. If you know the load resistanc (MORE)

How much amperage does a CFL draw?

Often CFLs are marked with the current. If not, find out the watts  and the volts. Divide the watts by the volts to find the current,  then double the current because the po (MORE)

What is the amperage rating of lamp cord?

Lamp cord is #18 in size and is rated for 10 amps. This type of wire is strictly for use on lamps only and not to be used for power wiring.
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