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Is iron amphoteric?

  An amphoteric substance is one that can behave as a Lewis acid and a Bronsted base, iron is not amphoteric. The best examples of substances behaving as an acid and a bas (MORE)
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Why ZnO is amphoteric?

Zn is not highly electro positive. So, in ZnO molecule Zn gets a small partial positive charge and O gets a small partial negative charge. Thus it can accept the lone pairs as (MORE)

What is amphoteric metal?

Having the characteristics of an acid and a base and capable of reacting chemically either as an acid or a base.

What is the amphoteric equation of ferric hydroxide?

Amphoteric nature of Ferric hydroxide: Basic nature; It forms Iron(III) ions: Fe(OH)3 + 3 H+ ----> Fe3+ + 3 H2O Like Fe(OH)3 + CH3COOH ----> (CH3COO)3Fe + H2O Acidic (MORE)
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What Amphoteric species?

A chemical species that behaves both as an acid and as a base is called an "Amphoteric species". Examples : H2O acts as an acid as well as a base.
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What are amphoteric metals?

Amphoteric is a chemical entity (ion or molecule) which can react as an acid but also as a base. Compounds of beryllium, tin, aluminium, lead, zinc have amphoteric hydroxide (MORE)

Is aluminum oxide an amphoteric oxide?

Aluminum*)oxide is an amphoteric compound by being both 1. acidic and 2. alkaline 1. acidic It will dissolve in hydroxide (an alkaline solution): Al2O3 + 2OH- + 3H2O --> 2 (MORE)
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What is an Amphoteric substance?

Amphoteric Substance is one that can react as either an acid or base. "Partly one and partly the other; neither acid nor alkaline; neutral" (I don't think this answer is corr (MORE)

Is tin oxide an amphoteric oxide?

Yes it is amphoteric it has approximately the same amount of ionic and covalent character making it amphoteric and thus reacting with both Acids such as HCl and Bases such as (MORE)