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What is an amplifier?

  A device used to make an instrament louder, usually an electric guitar.   Answer   Sound signals have a certain amplitude behind them (power). If the signal is w (MORE)

What is an amplifiers?

Amplifiers are used to strengthen analog signals. Analog signals become weaker after travelling a certain distance,they need to be amplified so that the data is not lost o (MORE)

What is shelving on an amplifier?

Shelving filterCommon tone controls (bass and treble) found in consumer audio equipment are examples of variable shelving filters. These implement a first order response, as d (MORE)

What is video amplifier?

It is a normal amplifier, fast enough to amplify high frequency video signals. The word "video" means wideband. That's why a video amplifier is used for, for instance, for t.v (MORE)

How do you amplify voltage?

if it is an A.C supply we can amplify by transformers, transistors, voltage doublers and voltage multipliers. but if it is an D.C supply, the voltage can be amplified only by (MORE)

Is a subwoofer a amplifier?

There are two types of subwoofers. 1. Active subwoofers 2. Passive subwoofers An active subwoofer will have a built-in amplifier. A passive subwoofer doesn't have a bu (MORE)
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What does a video amplifier do?

A video amplifier is a device that accepts a single input signal and provides this same signal to multiple isolated outputs. These devices are important because they allow sig (MORE)

What is an AF amplifier?

AF means audio frequency. Audio Amplifiers can be subgrouped as voltage amplifiers (or pre-amplifiers) and power amplifiers. The voltage amplifier will raise the level of leve (MORE)