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Where is the Amplifier?

Ignition Amplifier? . If you mean the Ignition Amplifier - it's a small rectangular Electronic part attached to the inner wing behind the battery - Bosch Part - about ï¿ (MORE)

What is an amplifier?

A device used to make an instrament louder, usually an electric guitar.. Answer . Sound signals have a certain amplitude behind them (power). If the signal is week, it is (MORE)

What is an amplifiers?

Amplifiers are used to strengthen analog signals. Analog signals become weaker after travelling a certain distance,they need to be amplified so that the data is not lost on (MORE)

How the signal is amplified in amplifier circuit?

amplifier consist of transistor. suppose if you take npn transistor there are three regions base,emitter,and collector. so if the signal is applied the electrons in emitter mo (MORE)
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How can you amplify?

You amplify by getting a microphone and speakers. Once you have played into the microphone i then amplifies into the speaker and a louder volume is created

Why amplifier is called amplifier?

The root word "ample" means abundant, having lots of something, as in, we had ample food to eat at the feast. To amplify means to make something more ample. So when it comes t (MORE)