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Who is Amrita Rao?

amrita rao is a bollywood actress who has starred in a lot of filmS WITH MY TWO FAVORITE ACTORS Shreyas Talpade ans Shahid Kapoor and she was also in a movie with SRK AND ZAYH (MORE)

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What is amrita rao's mobile number?

The personal cell phone, home phone numbers, home addresses and email addresses of celebrities, singers, bands, actors, and models are not made available to the general public (MORE)
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Is Amrita better than Manipal?

    Manipal is a far better college than Amrita.You cannot even compare both of them.Just look around any rank list and will know.
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Where amrita rao living?

Amrita rao currently lives in mumbai. It is her home town and she lives there. She is a very good bollywood actress also
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Who was amrita devi?

amrita devi is a women who belong to bishnoi community and  sacrified her life for the khejri trees along with her three  daughters.

What is ranking of amrita university?

Who cares? Any educational institution is only as good as its students. Graduates as they go out in the world are witness to the ranking of the Masters. That is why, Gurus can (MORE)
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Which is better amrita of sastra?

NO DOUBT ITS AMRITA some goose will blabber something about it without enterring there first visit that college then decide