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What happened to Amtrak?

That's a very vague question.    Nothing in particular has "happened" to Amtrak; the company was  created in 1971 in an attempt to revitalize the flagging passenger  (MORE)

What is the closest amtrak to Tallahassee?

Tallahassee used to have Amtrak service on the Sunset Limited. After Hurricane Katrina, Amtrak suspended service between New Orleans and Orlando. Even though the tracks have b (MORE)

What is the closest amtrak OPEN in Pensacola?

Unfortunately, New Orleans is your closest station with Amtrak service at the current time. From there you can take the Crescent to Atlanta, Washington or New York, the City o (MORE)

What was the purpose of the Amtrak?

Amtrak was created in the 1970s because private railroad corporations such as Union Pacific did not want to run their passenger railroad services anymore because they deemed t (MORE)

What trains on amtrak have AAA discounts?

All Amtrak trains except Acela Express are eligible for the 10% AAA discount. You must book at least three days in advance to receive the discount.
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Does Amtrak go from Detroit to Texas?

Not directly. You have to take a train to Chicago and connect to  the Texas Eagle to get to Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio and  intermediate stops.
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