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What country is the Amur River in?

The Amur River flows mostly through China, but a portion flows through Russia and along the border of China and eastern Russia.
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Where is amur?

  Amur is a region in Russia that is situated in the South East of the Russian Federation. The region has borders with China in the South, Yukutia in the North and Chita i (MORE)

What continent is amur in?

Coastal Amur is in Russia. The Amur River Estuary is a temperate  coastal river. It is an area of frequent monsoons, heavy snow, fog  and cold temperatures. Winter lasts up (MORE)

How do Amur leopards go to the bathroom?

Amur leopards aren't much different from any other leopards,  really. They just go about it as any other wild animal would. They  simply urinate where they wish to.
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What are facts about the Amur leopard?

The Amur leopard, Panthera Pardus Orientalis, is the rarest big cat in the world and yet is still a relatively unknown species of leopard outside of its homeland in Russia. Al (MORE)

What is an Amur leopard?

An Amur leopard is a subspecies of leopard also known as the  Manchurian leopard, Korean leopard or Far Eastern leopard. It is  found in the mountains of the Russian Far Eas (MORE)