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What do amur leopards eat?

  The Amur leopard eats mostly Roe deer, Silka deer, Musk deer, wild boar, hares, and badgers.   Leopards are generally nocturnal hunters. They eat almost any prey, in (MORE)

What is a physical adaptation of an Amur leopard?

The Amur leopard has a 2.5 cm long coat in summer that is reddish-yellow in summer. The widely-spaced rosettes help it to camouflage into the bushes. This coat gets replaced b (MORE)

What is the size of an amur leopard?

Amur leopards are amongst the smallest members of the leopard family. Healthy males range from 107 to 136 cm (42-54 in) in length, while their tails are 82 to 90 cm (32 to 35 (MORE)

What are facts about the Amur leopard?

The Amur leopard, Panthera Pardus Orientalis, is the rarest big cat in the world and yet is still a relatively unknown species of leopard outside of its homeland in Russia. Al (MORE)

Where do Amur leopards live?

amur leopards live in northeastern china   The rarest cat on earth - the Amur leopard, which population in the wild hardly exceeds 30 individuals, inhabits only the southw (MORE)