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What is the price of roundabout in amusement park?

Roundabout is a largely British expression for any sort of circular ride, including a carousel or merry-go-round. the term also refers to a traffic circle and is used in this (MORE)
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Is amusement park capital?

Amusement park is only capital if it is the name of a location. For instance, you would capitalize Cedar Point Amusement Park. Amusement park by itself, however, is just a nou (MORE)

What is the difference between an amusement park and a regional amusement park?

They two terms only differ in usage, and reference differences in  size, scope, and quality of the attractions.    The term, regional park, is usually used for smaller (MORE)

What to bring to an amusement park?

Are you going to be their all day? Bring Food (food at amusement parks tends to not be very good) A disposable camera Hat Sunscreen a sweater comfortable shoes & c (MORE)
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Where is Shireland amusement park located at?

The Shireland amusement park is located in the American city of Chicago. One could check Shireland's official website for information regarding this theme park.
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What is largest amusement park in the world?

Disney and hershey park then busch gardens is third. Disney and Busch gardens are Theme Parks. People need to stop confusing the two. Disney is by far the largest Theme park; (MORE)
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Is amusement park a noun?

Yes, the word 'amusement park' is a compound noun, a noun  made up of two or more words that form a noun with a meaning of its  own.   The noun 'amusement park' is a wor (MORE)
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Amusement park is a compound nouns?

Yes, amusement park is a compound noun. It is formed by two independent words that form a noun with a meaning of its own. Amusement modifies park, both words, by themselves, (MORE)

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