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What is amuse bouche?

A small apetizer. An amuse bouche is the same as an amuse gueule. It's a little bite of food that's served as an aperitif something to tickle your taste buds. Generally it's ( Full Answer )
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What is the amusing opera?

It depends on the country or libretto (play or story used). It can be 'opera buffo' (Italian),m 'Opera Comique' (French) or 'Comic Opera' (English). also sometimes called 'Lig ( Full Answer )
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What does amusing mean?

It means funny, not in a laugh-out-loud sense, but in a puts-a-smile-on your face sense. It is also very close in meaning to "entertaining".
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How do you amuse yourself?

All you have to do is draw the alphabet from A-Z with your eyeballs.... you look really dumb doing it tho XD
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What is the noun for amuse?

The noun form for the verb to amuse is amuser, someone who amuses. Another noun form is amusement.
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Is amusement a suffix?

No, amusement it is not a suffix because the pattern is vcvcvcvcc. v=vowel c=continent It's a noun.
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What is the meaning of amusment?

When one is enjoying or entertained by something. E.G = the playwas very amusing.or the game was of the chain(:
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What is the opposite of amusing?

The opposite of amusing (lacking amusement value) would be dull, uninteresting, tedious, or boring. The opposite effect of amusing could be depressing, discouraging, or aggra ( Full Answer )
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How do you amuse parakeets?

Remember, all parakeets are different, like humans. You can get some parakeets or small bird toys at a pet store, and if it is tame and bonded with you, you can try teaching i ( Full Answer )
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What is amusement park?

Amusement parks can certainly bring the entertainment attractionsrides and much more fun activity in a fixed area or location.Ithink everyone can retrieve from all stress and ( Full Answer )