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Is amylase anabolic?

Amylase is an enzyme in the saliva of animals that helps to break  down carbohydrates. This enzyme is anabolic because it requires  energy.

Where does amylase work?

Amylase is produced by the salivary glands and works in the mouth to break down chardohydrates(digests starch into maltose). It only works for a short amount of time because w (MORE)
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What is the action of a amylase?

  Amylase, an enzyme made in pancreas and mouth, is an enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates.
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What is is produces amylase?

  Both the salivary glands in the head and the pancreas in the abdomen. The salivary glands produce salivary amylase that is released into te mouth where it acts on the ca (MORE)

What is fungal amylase?

Fungal amylase is an enzyme that is used in the production of  certain types of food and drinks. It comes in the form of a  small-grain, odor-free powder.
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What is the product of amylase?

There are three different types of amylase. They all break down  starches into sugars. Alpha-amylase is the most common and produces  maltotriose and maltose, or maltose, gl (MORE)
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Where is amylase made?

Amylase is an enzyme that is made in the mouth of humans. It is  specifically found in saliva and is used in digestion.