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What is the treatment for macular amyloidosis?

Take Omega-3 fatty acids to help diminish the inflammation from the irritated, itchy lesions associated with amyloidosis. Omega-3 fatty acids may also hinder the for (MORE)
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What is the prognosis for a patient with amyloidosis?

The course of each patient's illness is unique but death, usually a result of heart disease or kidney failure, generally occurs within a few years. Amyloidosis associated by m (MORE)
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What are the major forms of amyloidosis?

The major forms of this disease are primary systemic, secondary, and familial or hereditary amyloidosis. There is also another form of amyloidosis associated with Alzheimer's (MORE)
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How does amyloidosis occur?

Amyloid proteins are manufactured by malfunctioning bone marrow. Amyloidosis, which occurs when accumulated amyloid deposits impair normal body function, can cause organ failu (MORE)
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Can Osteopathic Doctors diagnose amyloidosis?

Certainly, a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine can make the diagnosis of amyloidosis, especially if they have completed a residency in internal medicine or a similar medical fiel (MORE)
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How is amyloidosis diagnosed?

Blood and urine tests can reveal the presence of amyloid protein, but tissue or bone-marrow biopsy is necessary to positively diagnose amyloidosis.
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How is amyloidosis treated?

The goal of treatment is to slow down or stop production of amyloid protein, eliminate existing amyloid deposits, alleviate underlying disorders (that give rise to secondary a (MORE)
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Where does amyloidosis occur?

The heart, kidneys, gastrointestinal system, and nervous system are affected most often. Other common sites of amyloid accumulation include the brain, joints, liver, spleen, p (MORE)