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Who were the Anabaptists?

The Anabaptists are Christians of the Radical Reformation . Several congregations at different times in history have been labeled Anabaptist, but the title is used most common ( Full Answer )
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What did Anabaptists do?

The thing Anabaptists were most known for was rebaptizing people.Most people of the era had been baptized as infants. Anabaptiststaught that the decision to become a follower ( Full Answer )
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Who founded Anabaptist?

Ulrich Zwingli was the person who was credited with starting theAnabaptists. He was concerned that baptism should only be for thosewho understood the purpose of the rite and t ( Full Answer )
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What did anabaptists believe?

Anabaptists were (and are) protestants who disagreed with mainstream Calvinist/Lutheran protestantism. They believed, in contrast to the more traditional protestants: -That b ( Full Answer )
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Why did the anabaptist condemned?

The Anabaptist were condemned because the leaders, Munzer, John Leyden, and Simons were executed by their radical actions to overthrow political and social order.
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Who are the jesuits and anabaptists?

Anabaptist - A member of a radical movement of the 16th-centuryReformation that viewed baptism solely as an external witness to abeliever's conscious profession of faith, reje ( Full Answer )
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When did Anabaptist start?

Most people accept that Anabaptists originated in the 16th century, during the Radical Reformation. However, some groups before the Anabaptists had the same principles. These ( Full Answer )
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What was the Anabaptist movement?

A movement that began in Switzerland in the 1520's that emphasized the necessity of the baptism of adult believers and opposed infant baptism. Church groups today that trace t ( Full Answer )
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Why was the Anabaptists found?

The Ana-baptists were founded out of the 16th Century Protestant Reformation. Their primary belief focused on their problem with infant baptism practice in the Catholic Church ( Full Answer )
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What are the ideas of Anabaptist?

Anabaptists do not believe in baptizing infants. They believe aperson should be old enough to declare their faith before beingbaptized