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What is anaerobes?

An anaerobe is an organism that grows without air. The organism can  only live in oxygen-free conditions. If oxygen is present, the  organism could die.

Aerobic and anaerobic?

Aerobic - in the presence of oxygen Anaerobic - in the absence of oxygen
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What is an anaerobe?

An anaerobe is an organism that thrives in an environment without oxygen. Facultative anaerobes prefer an oxygen-free environment but can survive in the presence of oxygen. Ob (MORE)

What is Anaerobic?

Literally means without air. Anaerobic means no oxygen the exact opposite is Aerobic which means with oxygen. Aerobic exercise increases oxygen in the body leading to better h (MORE)
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What is obligate anaerobe and faculative anaerobe?

  A faculative anaerobe (or faculative bacteria) is an organism that can grow in either the presence or absence of oxygen. It does not require O2 to grow but it does toler (MORE)
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What is the definition of anaerobic?

Anaerobic means without oxygen. Some activities are considered anaerobic such as weight lifting and some organisms that do not require oxygen.
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What do anaerobes do?

These organisms can produce such complications as septic arthritis, tenosynovitis, meningitis, and infections of the lymphatic system
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What is Anaerobic-?

Relating to or denoting exercise that does not improve or is not  intended to improve the efficiency of the body's cardiovascular  system in absorbing and transporting oxyge (MORE)