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Is running anaerobic?

Running, for all humans, starts off as aerobic. But, if, during a run/jog/workout, your body cannot continue to complete aerobic respiration, running then becomes anaerobic (a (MORE)
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What is obligate anaerobe and faculative anaerobe?

  A faculative anaerobe (or faculative bacteria) is an organism that can grow in either the presence or absence of oxygen. It does not require O2 to grow but it does toler (MORE)
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What is anaerobic in biology?

  Anaerobic, connotatively translated, means "without oxygen".   When used in discussions about Biology, the adjective has been applied most commonly to specific type (MORE)
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What is a facultative anaerobe?

  A facultative anaerobic organism is an organism, usually a bacterium, that makes ATP by aerobic respiration if oxygen is present but is also capable of switching to ferm (MORE)

Is fermentation anaerobic?

Yes, fermentation can be accomplished without oxygen, which is the meaning of the term ' anaerobic. '
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What is anaerobic metabolism?

The body's metabolic process usually involves the oxidation of glucose. When the body cannot get enough oxygen to meet the demands for energy, cells begin using the anaerobic (MORE)
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What is a facilitative anaerobe?

A facultative anaerobe is an organism that makes ATP by aerobic  respiration if oxygen is present. It is capable of switching to  fermentation or anaerobic respiration if ox (MORE)
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What is the meaning of a anaerobic?

Anaerobic means to require an absence of free oxygen. In home-wine  making, for instance, the anaerobic stage is when a fermenting wine  is enclosed in a container with only (MORE)